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Communication is by far the biggest market for fiber optics. Ever growing needs pushed by the internet have led to mass production of optical fiber as well as components associated to communication networks. As a consequence, production in Europe has substantially decreased moving to China and Far East countries

Special products     

In spite of this situation, optical fiber components for communication are still a significant market for SEDI-ATI. Three main reasons for that:

– Technology differentiation offering characteristics not available from standard products

– Custom products when quantities are not sufficient to mass produce

– Proximity with the developers and research centers


Examples of products :

. Multimode couplers

. Multimode WDMs

. Metalized Pigtails

. In line filters



Multimode Couplers: Due to the technology based on wave front division they can be used at all wavelengths guided by the fiber with almost no change in the coupling ratio.


Multimode WDMs : The technology used by SEDI-ATI for these components is based on direct evaporation of dichroïc filter on optical end face of the fibers. Filter characteristics can be adapted to the wavelength needed for the application. This technology is ideal for bidirectional transmission on a single fiber with excellent isolation between the two wavelengths.



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