IFE (In Flight Entertainment), thyristors trigger, MOST networks (Media Oriented Systems Transport) are examples of fiber optics systems integrated into airplanes, trains and automobile. Specific problems due to environment conditions have to be solved to design reliable systems.

Vibration resistance

it is a constant in transportation applications. Optical fibers have an inherent advantage due to their relatively light weight. However connectors need special design adapted to vibration conditions.

Mechanical resistance:

Fiber protection and cables must be adapted to ensure long lifetime particularly when small bending radius are necessary as well as risks of shock.

Chemical resistance:

it can be a specific requirement in some application such as resistance to fuel, oil, acids, etc.

Reliability – Certifications

ISO  9001 : 2008.

Achievements / Products

Using optical fibers in harsh or even extreme environment implies specific design to operate in conditions such as radiations, high temperature, high pressure or very diverse mechanical constraints. Products are designed according customer’s specifications and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality process.