Medical / Diagnostic – Analyze

Fiber optic is a rapidly growing technology in diagnostic applications. Good examples are fluorescence bio-analysis, spectroscopy for electrophoresis and Optical Coherent Tomography for instance.

Diagnostic and analyze equipment manufacturerscan find design and production experience for customized solution:

Special components for fluorescence diagnostic

In house evaporation chamber for filter deposition directly on fiber end face.

Extensive experience in spectroscopy bundles and special custom assemblies.


Spectroscopy bundles

Special optical fibers are extremely useful to link the measuring head to the instrument body or to transmit specific light generating fluorescence and collect the measure of this fluorescence. The fibers have to be carefully selected for accurate results particularly concerning their wavelength transmission parameter. The end configurations can be a slit, round, square or any geometry.

Filter fibers

SEDI-ATI is equipped with in house evaporation chambers able to evaporate thin film
directly on fiber end face. It can be dichroic filter to block or let pass a given wavelength band or an AR (anti- reflection) filter to improve coupling efficiency or a mirror for total reflection


Multimode WDMs for fluorescence bio-sensing

Our multimode Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM) are obtained by direct deposition of a dichroic filter on optical fiber end. This simple and robust construction makes an ideal component for a two channels bidirectional transmission with a high isolation into a single optical fiber. The dichroic filter can be calculated to fit a specific application for instance injection of UV laser light into one port for absorption by the targeted tissue and detection of the returned fluorescence from the tissue in the second port of the WDM

Multimode Couplers/Dividers for sensing or monitoring applications

The technology of these couplers / dividers makes possible a coupling ratio insensitive to wavelength or modal conditions in the fibers. They can be made with different coupling ratio from 50/50 to very unbalanced used in monitoring applications of laser or sensing



ISO 13485:2012 Quality system

ISO 9001:2008

CE 0476 Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

ISO 11607 Packaging

ISO class 7 Clean Room


Achievements / Products

The flexibility offered by optical fibers for laser light transmission has been a major progress for medical applications. However developing and manufacturing safe products requires solving rather complex technical problems. .