Military /Aeronautic


Aerospace: science and technology including aeronautics (atmospheric transportation) and space (transportation outside of atmosphere or interplanetary).


Fiber Optic

Fiber optics is a very interesting technology for aeronautic manufacturer because weight and space are very strong constraints. Besides the growing number of sensors and communication systems aboard increase the need for bandwidth. IFE (In Flight Entertainment) is a good example of fiber communication systems aboard civil aircrafts.


However the specific environment conditions as well as the need for reliability is a real challenge for components and assemblies. Specifications such as vibration, acceleration, shock, temperature range, fire resistance, norms, have to be very precisely defined before designing fiber optic systems.

Quality System

  • ISO  9001 : 2008
  • ISO 13485 : 2012
  • CE 0476 Directive 93/42/EEC
  • ISO Class 7 (Salles Blanches)

Achievements / Products

Using optical fibers in harsh or even extreme environment implies specific design to operate in conditions such as radiations, high temperature, high pressure or very diverse mechanical constraints. Products are designed according customer’s specifications and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality process.