Military / Army

Communications have an important role for terrestrial military operations particularly to link a control system to a tactical equipment. Optical fibers offer a substantial advantage both for their transmission capacity and their immunity to EMI / RFI.

Technical constraints

Contraints are high for such links making them ruggedized and reliable.


Main Issues



Mechanical resistance


T° -55°C  +125°C

Fiber optic spools for ROV and tether vehicles

Unmanned vehicles need a bidirectional high quality communication system to bring back video signal or other sensor information from the vehicle and to transmit command signals to the vehicle. When radio communication cannot be used a fiber optic tether is a very effective solution.

SEDI-ATI manufactures a system which can avoid a bulky and heavy cable tether. It is composed of a very compact and light package in which is included a precision wound untwisted optical fiber allowing long distance pay out. This disposable system is ideal when weight or small dimensions are important factors.

Pyrotechnic initiator


The function of such pyrotechnic link is to fire an explosive compound (powder, gas, liquid) by mean of high optical power transmission. A high power laser source is connected by an optical fiber cable to the compound. The remote laser is protected away from the explosion but the optical link is a consumable part. Very high reliability is mandatory in such system to avoid unwanted firing

Achievements / Products

Using optical fibers in harsh or even extreme environment implies specific design to operate in conditions such as radiations, high temperature, high pressure or very diverse mechanical constraints. Products are designed according customer’s specifications and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality process.